Suing For Best Practices at HAI

This site is an effort to portray patterns over a fifteen year period that harm everyone involved with the Human Awareness Institute, in order that more will be done about these patterns than the facilitators and board have shown interest in responding to. It is the nature of large and subtle patterns that one must look at ALL of the data to see them clearly. Because many of these patterns are echoed in American families, relationships, national politics and Western thinking in general, understanding the patterns at play within the Human Awareness Institute will bring insight on a much broader canvas of human relationships, and it's one reason I've taken so much attention to explore and understand each aspect of each pattern and it's full impact over time. To enter this domain consciously requires attention to detail. I recommend you digest this site systematically as a whole, rather than reacting to any one detail. When perceiving patterns it is not one data point that matters as much as the shapes that emerge when 80% or more of the data points line up with certain tendencies that stand out.
After you have spent some time perusing the site, come back to this video for a summary and conclusion.